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Store these numbers

703-823-5211 and 800-424-3334

Call to access our PhoneOne Telephone Banking Service. Simply select option 3 from the menu to start using the system. From there, you can take care of all types of financial tasks. PhoneOne is an easy way to manage money whenever you're away from your computer or mobile device. 

  • Get account information and complete transactions
  • Access 24/7 from your phone
  • Access deposit information, monitor account activity and transfer money 

Here's the full guide to what you can do with PhoneOne, also available as a PDF

1. Savings Account

  1. Deposits
    1. Last 5 deposits
    2. ACH/ Payroll deposits
  2. Account Activity
    1. Last 5 withdrawals
    2. Last 5 transactions
    3. ATM transactions
    4. Year to date dividends
    5. Prior year to date dividends
  3. Year to date dividends
  4. Prior year to date dividends

2. Checking Accounts

  1. Deposits
    1. Last check deposit
    2. Last 5 deposits
    3. ACH/ Payroll deposits
  2. Account activity
    1. Last 5 withdrawals
    2. Last 5 transactions
    3. Last 5 checks cleared
    4. Specific check cleared
    5. Electronic transactions
    6. Year to date dividends
    7. Prior year dividends
  3. Stop payment information
  4. Year to date dividends
  5. Prior year to date dividends

3. Transfers and Withdrawals

  1. Transfer
    1. Share to share
    2. Share to loan
    3. Loan to share
  2. Withdrawal by Check
    1. Withdrawal from Share Account
    2. Withdrawal from loan

4. Loans

  1. Loan Inquiry
    1. Balance and amount available
    2. Payment information
    3. Year to date finance charge
    4. Last 5 transactions
  2. Loan payoff

5. Certificates

  1. Balance
  2. Dividend rate and maturity date
  3. Last 5 deposits
  4. Year to date dividends
  5. Prior year to date dividend

6. Additional Information

  1. Change your PIN
  2. Speak to a representative
  3. Access another account number


  • 8 End the call
  • 9 Return to the previous menu
  • * To repeat choices
  • 0 To speak with Member Service Representative

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